We have several important announcements this week! First we launch an exciting new program through our TorahMedia.com audio library. We will feature popular speakers weekly who will be teaming with us to offer their recordings, tapes and/or CDs for purchase at a discounted rate. This week, for example, we begin by featuring Rabbi Paysach Krohn — and over 100 of his recordings are on sale for just $2 each! This sale will end on Monday, so come visit before it’s too late.

Also available this week is Torah.org‘s new advanced class Shabbos: Taam Hachaim. The author, Rabbi Binyomin Adler, is an experienced teacher and published author, so we look forward with high expectations! You can subscribe by visiting our Advanced Subscription Page, or by sending a blank email to [email protected]. Enjoy!

And, finally, a warm welcome back to Rabbi Pinchas Winston, who is restarting his Perceptions on the Parsha class. Rabbi Winston wrote classes for us for over ten years before taking an eight-month “Sabbatical,” and now he’s back! You can subscribe to this class by visiting the Subscription Center or by sending a blank email to [email protected].

Please take advantage of these exciting opportunities!

Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis / Torah.org

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