How Exciting!

Sammy was enjoying his drive through the Catskill mountains when his car began to overheat. He pulled off to the side of the road, next to a pasture with several grazing cows. He popped the hood, and smoke billowed from the engine as Sammy tried to figure out where...

Holy Heirarchy

At the beginning of our Torah portion this week, we learn that Korach took issue with the appointment of Moshe as the leader of the Jewish people, his brother Aharon as the High Priest, and Aharon's children as his successors. He said, "The entire congregation are...

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Fishing in the Desert

The land of Israel was just over the horizon, the Promised Land of their forefathers. As they were about to enter the land, the Jewish People approached Moshe (Moses) and asked to first scout out the land to see if it was safe and viable, so that they could be...

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Humble Lights

Velvel, a simple townsman, had the opportunity to visit the King a number of times for various communal affairs. Despite their obvious social and financial differences, Velvel and the King discovered they had much in common and became close friends. One day Velvel...

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The Flavor That’s Forever

Mayer Amschel Rothschild of Frankfurt, Germany was the Eighteenth Century founder of the famed Rothschild dynasty. A guest in his home once inquired, with much chutzpah, “How much are you worth?” In reply, Rothschild took out a ledger with the word ‘Charity’ on it and...

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If You Had Everything, Where Would You Put It?

With but one exception, each Jewish holiday has its own specific Mitzvos. Passover has many: eating Matzah, the Seder, and discarding all leavened bread products. Succos has sitting in the Sukkah, Lulav and Esrog. Rosh Hashanah has the blowing of the Shofar, and Yom...

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What Difference Does it Make?

Children intuitively feel their parents' love... even when their parents are upset. Children may not like the experience of being reprimanded, losing a privilege or being sent to their rooms, but they still know whether they are loved. This week we read the section of...

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