Igniting the Jewish Spark — Ensuring the Jewish Future

Project Genesis engages Jews worldwide in Jewish educational programming, regardless of their location or previous background. Furthermore, we aim to connect Jewish seekers to “live” resources to advance their Jewish connection and commitment to Jewish life.

Jewish “continuity” has become the buzzword of our day, recognizing that spiraling intermarriage rates and declining affiliation have created a threat to the global Jewish population that could outdo even the Holocaust. There is one solution with an unparalleled track record of success at engendering Jewish pride and commitment — Jewish education.

This is the mission of Project Genesis, to speak to Jews around the globe in modern language and with advanced technology, while connecting them to the timeless.

What does Project Genesis do?

Project Genesis is, in functional terms, the IT department for Jewish Outreach. Torah.org reaches out to Jews by providing quality Jewish classes and resources. JewishAnswers.org opens itself to the questions and concerns of our readership, provides answers from Rabbis around the globe, and seeks to further the Jewish education of the Jews who are asking for more. eKiruv.com helps those devoted to Jewish outreach to carry out their missions more effectively. TorahMedia.com channels thousands of recordings of Jewish content from Jewish educators to those thirsty for Jewish knowledge.

Additional services include web and email hosting for Jewish outreach organizations, email discussion lists for outreach, and technology advice and tips to help Rabbis and leaders reach out to our fellow Jews, both online and off.

Basic Stats

History Founded: 1993 Founder: Rabbi Yaakov Menken Initial Target Audience: College Students Initial Delivery Method: Live Events First Email-Based Class: December, 1993 Registered Torah.org: March, 1995   Torah.org Offering Text Classes: Email & Web Classes Offered: 71 Divrei Torah on the Parsha, Beginner to Advanced: 35 Ongoing Classes in a Sefer or Topic: 36 Total Subscribers: 80,288 …

Our Rabbis

Rabbi Yaakov Menken Director Rabbi Menken graduated from Princeton with a degree in Computer Science, and then attended Yeshivas Ohr Somayach Monsey, Beth Medrash Gavoha in Israel (“Lakewood East,” and briefly in Lakewood, NJ), and the Mirrer Yeshiva Jerusalem. In 1993 he founded Project Genesis in order to bring engagement with Torah and Jewish life …

Our Sites

Torah.org – Comprehensive and educational resource of online Torah classes TorahMedia.com – Thousands of recordings of Torah audio, free downloads, Premium lending library eKiruv.com – Online management and resources for the the Jewish outreach organization. JewishAnswers.org – Archives of “Ask the Rabbi” questions and answers Cross-Currents.com – Commentary from an array of Jewish writers LZechernishmas.com …