“Now I’m motivated. I’m going to make this happen.” Those are the sweet words that kick-off the path to progress. As human beings we have aspirations to grow, to build, to make a mark. What sparks the transition from stagnation to production?

While Moses was grazing sheep he noticed a bush, burning. Amazed that the bush continued to burn without being consumed by the flames, he stopped in his tracks to investigate. “G-d saw that [Moses] turned to see and G-d called to him from the bush” (Ex. 3:4). G-d understood that the first few steps Moses took were indicative of his general approach; one who’s prepared to change his course towards progress, the crucial characteristic of an effective leader.

We aspire to produce and grow, and G-d often extends His hand, as it were, to inspire us to move forward. He’ll send messages if we’re prepared to notice them, but it’s up to us to supply one basic ingredient: the few deliberate steps towards the goal. Once we take those steps, G-d provides the strength to produce — “Create an opening for Me the size of a needle’s eye, and I’ll create an opening for you the size of a great hall’s entrance” (Michtav M’Eliyahu 4:276, ShHSh”R 5:2)

When the ball is in our court, are we going to run with it?

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Mordechai Dixler

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