One could read through the Torah and believe that it’s merely a record of events, or a book of stories. While the text is certainly in story form, its teachings continue to have eternal relevance. The Torah’s story is relevant not merely as history, but as a guidebook for every generation.

A good book of any kind has practical applications, whether it’s a college textbook teaching Calculus or a gripping novel offering a break from the daily grind. The lessons of the Torah, by contrast, have an unparalleled range of applications, in all areas of life — which is the meaning of Toras Chayim, “Instructions for Life.” The Torah not only instructs us in Jewish ritual, but gives us profound ethical principles which help to form healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and our Creator. What about that break from the daily grind? Take a plunge into Torah study and you experience fresh insights, the rewards of challenging arguments, and the unique joy of intellectual discovery.

This week’s Torah reading opens with Moses packaging G-d’s gift of Torah to the Jewish people by saying, “See that today I am giving to you….” The Torah is given to us daily, constantly — a lively world of Divine wisdom.

Good Shabbos!
Rabbi Mordechai Dixler
Program Director, Project Genesis –

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