We are honored to announce that Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, the Director of Interfaith Affairs for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, faculty member at Yeshiva of Los Angeles and its high schools, and chair holder at the Sydney M. Irmas Chair in Jewish Law and Ethics at Loyola Law School, will be publishing a class here at Torah.org!

Rabbi Adlerstein has created an advanced class based on the Nesivos Shalom texts. The Slonimer Rebbe zt”l seems to have found the perfect mix of passionate and inspiring Chassidus, and Mussar that speaks directly to the individual. As a seasoned leader, he understood people with all their contemporary faults and is not afraid to directly confront issues of failure, lack of connectedness, depression, etc., incorporating even the negatives into a road map that leads inevitably to a higher place for the person seeking it.

Read Rabbi Adlerstein’s first offering on Noach.

You can subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected]

This new class is made possible by support secured by Frank Lee and Joel Levine, Los Angeles, CA.

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