With the holiday of Passover fast approaching, it’s time to check out our Pesach section! We’ve got information on the Haggadah, Torah thoughts, even e-greetings and recipes for your enjoyment.

We also provide two important services you might want to know about:

Sell Chometz(1) Selling your chometz (leavened products) — During the holiday, it’s prohibited to eat or even own leavened breads, cookies, cereals, etc. There’s a tradition of setting aside anything that might have any chometz content, selling it before the holiday, and buying it back afterwards. Now, you can sell your chometz on-line!

(2) Finding a Pesach Seder — An offer especially relevant to Jewish singles: Are you away from home this year? Have you ever wanted to attend a traditional Seder, but didn’t know who to ask? Just write to us at genesis at torah.org. We’ll make every effort to connect you with a family near you.

May we all enjoy a Happy and Kosher Passover!

Good Shabbos!
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis / Torah.org

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