The Mishkan (Tabernacle) was like a movable forerunner of the Holy Temple. As the Jewish People traveled through the desert for forty years, they assembled it at each of their encampments, and took it down when it was time to move on. But despite its portability, the Mishkan had fine tapestries made of special fabrics, ornate vessels of gold and silver, precision cut stones for the garments of the High Priest, and many other components that required expert craftsmanship.

It seems impossible that the newly-freed slaves in the desert would know how to create these items. Yes, the Jewish people likely observed similar craftsmanship in Egypt, but only from a distance, as they were enslaved producing mortar and bricks. So who among them was capable of producing Mishkan vessels and materials?

The Torah gives the answer: “Everyone whose heart carried him… (Ex. 35:21).” Those who felt moved to do it were the ones who undertook the various tasks needed to complete the Mishkan. They may not have had the training required to carry out the construction, but their hearts carried them. They had the intense drive to build the house of G-d, so they were given the strength, wisdom, and talents to make it happen.

We underestimate what we can accomplish if we have a drive to make a difference, to make changes. If you look at theĀ  truly successful people in the world, you’ll notice that for the most part, it’s not their talents or privileged upbringing that separates them from their peers. Rather, it’s their overwhelming passion, the heart that carries them.

G-d is ready to provide us with the skills and talents to accomplish beyond anything we can imagine. All that’s required is a heart driven to accomplish. (Based on Ramban, and Sefer Daas Torah of R’ Yeruchem Levovits zt”l).


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