The Ki Metzion Tatzai Torah Video Conference Series

Come to this Sunday’s Live from Jerusalem Interactive Video Conference – 10 A.M. in Baltimore at the CJE, 2nd floor of the Park Heights JCC

Topic: Interfaith Dating & Marriage:
Understanding & Discussing the Phenomenon

Speaker: Doron Kornbluth

As a popular teacher of Jewish ideas, Doron Kornbluth is regularly consulted by Jewish parents who care very much about their kids’ Jewish identities. Parents want to know what they should be focusing on to ensure that their kids identify strongly as Jews. Doron’s popular Raising Kids to Stay Jewish (also called The Five Secrets of Great Jewish Families) seminars are the result of years of research & experience. Presented in funny, unique, easy-to-remember way, this talk has been a hit from LA to Vancouver, and from Antwerp to Dublin. Its target audience is Jewish parents and grandparents, and it discusses influencing Jewish kids of all ages.

Working with Jewish students and singles, Doron was faced with questions about the “I” word … intermarriage. His best-selling Why Marry Jewish? is the result of many years of research [Reviews and more information are available at]. With his entertaining speaking abilities and expertise on the subject, the popular Dating Jewish?! and Why Marry Jewish?! seminars were the natural result: Upbeat, interactive, and powerful, many thousands of Jews have made real efforts towards finding a Jewish partner as a result of these unique, open-minded and proven talks. This talk has proven so popular that organizations regularly invite Doron back to give it again and again.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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