HAPPY CHANUKAH! (Otherwise known as Chanuka, Hanukkah, Hannuka, Hanukah, and the Festival of Lights.) Don’t miss our amazing Chanukah section, complete with all sorts of resources and our famous On-Line Menorah!

COMING THIS SUNDAY: If you’re in the Baltimore area, don’t miss Dr. Gerald Schroeder (MIT-trained scientist and author of Genesis and the Big Bang) speaking on Sunday at 1PM! Come see him at the Center for Jewish Education Conference Room, on the Second Floor of the Park Heights JCC Building.

He’ll be here — but speaking from Jerusalem. It’s a live, two-way Video Conference, projected on large screen for your benefit. There will even be questions and answers, and Dr. Schroeder will see you as well.

We expect to have a live video feed for Internet viewing, but that remains to be tested. Please check our web site on Sunday at noon (EST) or later for details!

ALSO SUNDAY: We’ll be at the Mid-Atlantic Jewish Food & Life Expo at the Timonium Fairgrounds. Visit their web site, come on out, and come meet & greet at our booth!

Good Shabbos and a very Happy Chanukah,
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis/Torah.org

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