Project Genesis needs a new logo. … and you could win a new mp3 player!

Our old logo is on the right. It was a great logo when the term Information Superhighway was popular. It depicts a road leading into a square which is both the middle of the Torah scroll whose Atzei Chayim, posts, are on each side, and the monitor of the computer whose keyboard is beneath it. At the time, was called “Torah on the Information Superhighway,” and it all fit together nicely.

Today, the term “Information Superhighway” is old, out, passé. may keep the stylized version of the logo, but Project Genesis needs a new logo of its own.

So rather than paying a consultant to tell you what logo you like, we’re hoping that you, our reader, will come up with something even better. You design an incredible logo, we (with help from our readers) pick the one we like best, and the winner gets an mp3 player in the mail – piece of cake!

The new logo should try to keep the Torah Scroll theme, but we’re open to other concepts. You should only use two colors. Line art is good. Send the logo in full resolution.

[logo submissions email has been removed]

The Deadline is Erev (the day before) Shavuos, June 1st.
Good Luck!

UPDATE: See here for the latest submissions.

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