Dec 15 2006

Lifeline – Vayeishev & Chanukah

HAPPY CHANUKAH! (Otherwise known as Chanuka, Hanukkah, Hannuka, Hanukah, and the Festival of Lights.) Don’t miss our amazing Chanukah section, complete with all sorts of resources and our famous On-Line Menorah!

COMING THIS SUNDAY: If you’re in the Baltimore area, don’t miss Dr. Gerald Schroeder (MIT-trained scientist and author of Genesis and the Big Bang) speaking on Sunday at 1PM! Come see him at the Center for Jewish Education Conference Room, on the Second Floor of the Park Heights JCC Building.

He’ll be here — but speaking from Jerusalem. It’s a live, two-way Video Conference, projected on large screen for your benefit. There will even be questions and answers, and Dr. Schroeder will see you as well.

We expect to have a live video feed for Internet viewing, but that remains to be tested. Please check our web site on Sunday at noon (EST) or later for details!

ALSO SUNDAY: We’ll be at the Mid-Atlantic Jewish Food & Life Expo at the Timonium Fairgrounds. Visit their web site, come on out, and come meet & greet at our booth!

Good Shabbos and a very Happy Chanukah,
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis/

Chanukah and the Battle of Jewish and Greek Philosophies

Establishing Chanukah as a Holiday –

Aug 04 2006

Trading Up… for Charity!

I have an interesting idea to share with you, based upon a number of anniversaries.

First of all, August 1 was the first anniversary of the release of The Everything Torah Book. And second, Chanukah is the thirteenth anniversary of Project Genesis online classes! That’s right… we’re going to have our “Bar Mitzvah” shortly, so we’d like to do something special to prepare.

As you probably know, we always need your support. But in honor of the anniversaries we’d like to try something new.

Have you heard the Red Paper Clip story? Basically, a fellow in Canada decided he wanted a house. The problem was he had no money. His idea was to trade something he did have — a red paper clip — for something of greater value, and repeat the process with trade after trade, until he had a house.

Lo and behold, within a year he had his house. An amazing but true story of the Internet and communications. And he has encouraged “copy cats” — especially for charity.

So, I have here a signed copy of my book, the same one we give to those who donate $100 or more to Project Genesis. But in this case, I’m going to trade it away to the person who offers something of the greatest interest and value for a trade-up.

Then we’ll do the same thing next week, with the high bidder getting whatever we receive this coming week, plus another book for good measure.

There are twenty weeks between now and Chanukah. Think this will work? It will certainly be fun to try….

Contact us if you have something you’d like to trade!

Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Aug 04 2006

25 Bloggers Praying for Israel!

Thanks to all of these blogs now participating in our Pray for Israel Campaign:

Bagel Blogger
Beyond Teshuva
Biur Chametz
Choshvei Shemo
Elie’s Expositions
Frum Actress
Jewish Answers
Israel Matzav
Josh Weinberg
Krum as a Bagel
Life in Israel
Meira Online
On the Contrary
R’ Chaim HaQoton
Sweet Rose
Ta Shmah
The Demilitarized Zone
Yeranen Yaakov

Find out more here.

Jul 20 2006

Can we send a blogger to Israel?

A week ago, just as the violence in Israel moved from a Gaza “incursion” to a two-front war, Project Genesis was putting the finishing touches on a special program to encourage more Torah learning during the summer. Since Torah study is a shield for the entire Jewish People, this gives new urgency to our program.

You could be going to Israel (or winning a cash prize) at our expense, just for spreading the word!

The idea is very simple: come to and refer a friend through our new program. When you and your friend both subscribe, you’ll be entered for special prize giveaways. When we reach 10,000 new subscribers through the program, we’ll give away a ticket to Israel!

For the bloggers (and anyone with a web site) you can also refer people directly to the “pray for Israel” page — see the graphic in the upper-right-hand corner. For graphics and help with links, Continue reading

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