It’s unfair. Passover is almost upon us and we’re offering you so much material to prepare for this sensational holiday… when is there even time to sleep?? Fortunately, this year Passover follows the Sabbath, known as the Day of Rest. If you pull an all-nighter tonight you can recuperate over the Sabbath and you’ll be energized and ready to relive the Exodus. How does 7 hours of insights on the Haggada from philosopher and Jerusalem professor Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb sound? Maybe just download them, since they’re free, and listen to a bit here and there – don’t want to overdo it. Maybe you have time for a presentation of the Maharal of Prague’s approach to the 10 plagues delivered by the author of our class Living Law, Rabbi Osher Chaim Levene? With all this exciting material you should find it hard to turn the light off for the night, but just in case you need a pick-me-up, a classical instrumental rendition of the Seder favorite Adir Hu should be enough to refresh your batteries and dive back in to your Passover texts and mp3s. Sell Chametz Online

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you haven’t sold your Chametz yet there are still a few hours left. Hurry over to our Chametz Sale System – the deadline is tommorow morning at 11am Eastern DST.

Have Good Shabbos and a Happy Passover!
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis /

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