Rabbi ZweigKnown for his brilliant and thought-provoking lectures, Rabbi Zweig has inspired thousands through his teaching and widely disseminated recordings. His keen, analytical approach challenges students of all ages, giving them a greater understanding and love for Torah. In 1974, he founded the highly successful Talmudic University in Miami Beach, Florida, and continues to serve as the dean today. Ordained at Ner Israel Rabbinical College, he was a devoted student of Rabbi Yaacov Yitzchak Ruderman, z”l and Rabbi Yaacov Weinberg z”l. While in Maryland, he also attended John Hopkins University and studied law at University of Maryland. Rabbi Zweig is a much sought after lecturer and speaker; in recent years he has been a scholar-in-residence in over fifty national and international cities.

Enjoy his timely series on Pirkei Avos, Chapters of the Fathers.

FREE                         Belief in G-d: What Does it Mean to Me?
–Zweig, Rabbi Yochanan

FREE                         Sefiras HaOmer: Every Day Counts
–Zweig, Rabbi Yochanan

FREE                         Pirkei Avos 2:6(c): The Secret to Realizing Your Potential
–Zweig, Rabbi Yochanan

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